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Animal Health Camp-cum-Disease Awareness Programme

An animal health camp was organized by KVK Cuttack in its adopted village, Kankali of Tangi-Choudwar Block on 27 February 2020. The animals were examined by Dr Ranjan Kumar Mohanta, SMS, Animal Science, and line of treatment of suggested along with the treatment of some cases. Among more than 147 livestock examined and treated, the most common problems were found to be ticks, mites and internal parasites followed by acute dermatitis, diarrhea, poor health, repeat breeding, and infertility. Most of the livestock sheds were not having the pucca floor, which was one of the factors responsible for the negative health condition and productivity status of the animals. The farmers were advised to do routine deworming and vaccination along with the feeding of the supplemented mineral-vitamin mixture to improve their body nutrient status and overall health. The local Panchayati raj members and farm families showed their active participation in the program for ensuring their livestock health and productivity. Sri Satya Ranjan Rout, Kshirod Pradhan, and Ranjit Rout from KVK Cuttack assisted in the program along with the local village leaders.