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SAC Meeting

Proceeding of the 15th SAC meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, CRRI, Cuttack held on 24.03.2014

The 15th Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Cuttack was held on 24.03.2014 at 11.00 A.M at its Santhapur campus under the Chairmanship of Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Director, CRRI, Cuttack. The meeting was attended by the members, invited guests, PC and SMSs of KVK, Cuttack (list attached).

Dr. S.M. Prasad, Programme Co-ordinator, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Cuttack welcomed the Chairman and the members. The proceeding was taken by the Chairman after a brief self introduction by the participants. The Chairman released four technology bulletins in Odiya for the benefits of the farmers of the district. A report consisting of the activities and achievements of KVK during 2013-14 was circulated among the members to facilitate effective discussion. The activities namely trainings, OFTs, FLDs etc., taken up during 2013-14 and proposed activities for 2014-15 in the area of agronomy, horticulture, soil science and plant protection were presented by the concerned Subject Matter Specialists of the KVK. After each presentation discussion was held on different aspects and suggestions for improvement were sought. Although the KVK had no SMS (Veterinary Science) but some activities were done during 2013-14, which was appreciated by the Head, Regional Centre, CARI, Bhubaneswar. Some shortfalls in action taken were observed in the area of Agriculture Extension which was attributed to the vacancy of SMS (Agriculture Extension).

The Chairman made his critical observations after listening to each member present in the meeting. All the important suggestions that emerged during the proceeding have been presented in the table given below. At the end of the meeting Sri Tusar Ranjan Sahoo, SMS (Horticulture) proposed vote of thanks.

Salient Recommendations of 15th Scientific Advisory Committee

Sl No.Salient RecommendationSuggested by
1Requisition for filling up of vacant post of SMS (Agriculture Extension) should be given immediatelyDr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
2Programme Coordinator should give more attention on infrastructure development and preparation of master plan.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
3Financial statement should be given in the SAC Report.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
4Two SAC meetings in a year should be conducted.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
5In consultation with the DDA, Cuttack and other officials of the line department, KVK should analyse the problems of 14 blocks of this district and make comprehensive plan for action block-wise.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
6A request letter for all weather approach road from Rajakana Chawk to KVK, Santhapur should be given to the RDC, Cuttak immediately.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
7Brief Annual Report should be prepared containing important activities, photographs and farmers feedback.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack
8Upland rice variety Sahabhagi dhan should be popularised through demonstration in larger area.Sri D. Dalei , DDA, Cuttack
9Pod rot of groundnut should be analysed through OFT and FLD.Sri D. Dalei , DDA, Cuttack
10Problem related to tomato crop should be analysed in Banki block.Sri D. Dalei , DDA, Cuttack
11SMS (Plant Protection) should make a demonstration to control “Little leaf of brinjal”Sri D. Dalei , DDA, Cuttack
12Continue the activities related to synthetic coloured poultry bird “Vanaraja” in large scale.Dr. S.K. Mishra , Head, CARI, BBSR
13For improvement in quality of pods in cowpea, the role of iron should be studied.Dr. S.G. Sharma , Head, BPES
14Measures should be taken to prevent post-harvest losses specially storage of onion.Dr. S.G. Sharma , Head, BPES
15Bunch feeding in G-9 banana should be analysed.Smt. Soumya Kanungo , AHO, Tangi-Choudwar
16Onion variety Agrifound Light Red given in demonstration should be highlighted for benefit of farming community.Smt. Soumya Kanungo , AHO, Tangi-Choudwar
17Animal husbandry activities should be taken up in larger number.Dr. Bhaktahari Mallik     AVAS, Tangi-Choudwar
18A detailed action plan for next six months be prepared and discussed with Dean (Extension Education), OUAT, Bhubaneswar and ZPD, Zone-VII, Jabalpur.Dr. T. Mohapatra , Director, CRRI, Cuttack

List of members and invited guests present in the 15th Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Cuttack :

Sl no.NamePositionPost
1Dr Trilochana MohapatraDirector, CRRI, CuttackChairman
2Sri D. DaleiDy. Director of Agriculture,CuttackMember
3Dr. S.K. MishraHead, Regional Centre, CARI, BBSRMember
4Dr. Satya Narayan ChhotrayADVO, CuttackMember
5Smt. Soumya KanungoAHO, TangiMember
6Sri Brajabandhu PanigrahiPD, Watershed, CuttackMember
7Sri Durga ManjhiFRO, AIR, CuttackMember
8Sri Debraj BeheraL.D.M., CuttackMember
9Sri S.S. NayakFarmer Representative, SankiloMember
10Sri Santosh BharatiFarmer Representative, GaneshwarpurMember
11Smt. Kiran Bala MohantyFarm women Representative, NuasahiMember
12Smt. Namita SwainFarm women Representative, ChadheipadaMember
13Dr. Shiv Mangal PrasadProgramme Coordinator, KVK, CuttackMember Secretary

Invited guest

Sl no.NamePosition
1Dr. B. N. SadangiHead, S.S. Division & Nodal Officer
2Dr. S.G. SharmaHead, BPES, CRRI, Cuttack
3Dr. Bhaktahari MallikAVAS, Tangi-Choudwar
4Sri P.C. PandaAAO (Jute), Cuttack
5Dr. Subhasis DashSMS (S.S), KVK, Jajpur
6Sri Bipin GiriProgressive Farmer, Ganeshwarpur
7Sri Santanu Ku. MohantyProgressive Farmer, Uchhapada
8Sri Bipin BharatiProgressive Farmer, Ganeshwarpur
9Sri Harihar SahooProgressive Farmer, Kadei

Staff of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Cuttack

Sl no.NamePosition
1Sri Dilip Ranjan SadangiSMS ( Soil Sc.)
2Sri Tushar Ranjan SahuSMS ( Horticulture)
3Dr. Manish ChourasiaSMS ( Plant Protection)
4Sri Bibhuti Bhushan PolaiStenographer

This issues with the approval of the Director, CRRI, Cuttack.

(S.M. Prasad)

Programme Coordinator

KVK, Santhapur, Cuttack